Girls Without Shoes

March 28, 2009

Scrabble Love

He spelled out C  R  U  Z with his tiles.  She shook her head no and said it is not spelled that way, C  R U  Z , but rather C R U I S E .   The couple discussed this a little with much silliness and they decided that she was right.  They laughed and continued on………..

They had been through much together.  When they first met they were both suffering from love and life wounds.  Relief and healing were a long sigh away.

Beginning over again could be promising, but could also make one weary, oh so weary.  It could also make one scared.  Scared that their past would not let them begin again or would harm them.

She had felt fear, breath taking fear of her past knowing that that “climb inside of your mind and suck the soul out of you”  kind of love  was just that as twisted as it sounded  and not a sweet healthy love of the heart.   There was no peace in that kind of “love”, no rest, no comfort.  She was glad that it was over and continued on…………

Some men give you flowers but he gave her a Bible.  He gave her God’s beautiful words with her name engraved on the cover.  Very sweet, very touching, very life changing.

She found him to be a man of “dignity” with qualities that were important to her.

He found her to be “beautiful”  in ways more than just her physical attributes.

They went through Heaven and they went through Hell together.   They grew and changed and healed together, apart and back again coming into a place of rest and comfort and deep love.

He spelled out  “ M E R Y   M E   “ with his tiles.   She smiled and nodded and spelled back with her tiles  “ L U V     T U and they knew that it was right.   They kissed and laughed and continued on…………..



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