Girls Without Shoes

January 7, 2010

Is There Cheesecake In Heaven?

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My mom and I are eating cheesecake, delicious, smooth, mellow, perfect cheesecake.  The best I have had in a while.  We are both remarking on how good it is, blah, blah, blah……   when of course I ask the questions, “Do you think there is cheesecake in Heaven?”  My mom assures me that all good things are. 

Here I am 52 years  old and asking my mom silly questions like a child.  I do have a lot of child left in me, oh well, I guess it is fun to play, even as an adult.   Silliness is me and my life. 

I eat cherry pie, then change into my work out clothes.  After all, cherry pie can’t possibly fatten you up when you have work out clothes on.  I mean, the pie wouldn’t dare. 

Anyway, I feel better with the work out clothes on. Maybe I should forget the pie and just have a lot of sex instead, yeah that will do it.   You don’t even need work out clothes for that, therefore, it is economical.    Oh god, I just can’t stand myself sometimes. 

Maybe instead, I will just become a pie eating sex machine.

Dear Lord,  Let there be cherry pie also in heaven.  Is it a sin to pray for sex too?  Don’t worry, I won’t go there.


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