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January 31, 2009

Angel In My Alley

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His  is the voice that I  hear trying to calm down my dog at 2:00 a.m.,  just  outside of my back fence.

He is the neighborhood drunkard.  He is also a self designated “Night Watchman” trying to keep our home and neighborhood safe , even in the midst of his intoxicated bliss.   What a contradiction he is.

He  is the “Bum in the Alley”.   Not really our friend, at least not the kind you invite into your home.   He is the kind that you may give a hot sandwich to on Christmas  Eve or let him use your phone from your back porch to call his son,  but that is about it.   The kind that tries to quiet your dog down when he barks at other “customers of the local saloon”, who are leaving at 2:00 a.m. and being extremely loud and belligerent, not for any selfish reason of his own , but so you are not wakened by the 2:00 a.m. clientele on their way home.

He has a soft spot in his heart for you and your family, not because you are so special, but because you don’t make him feel ashamed.  Because you understand that he has an addiction.  He knows you don’t like it, that you don’t want it in your life, but he also knows that you have some compassion for him and his struggles.  He knows that you know that deep down, he is a real person, a good person with a bad addiction.

So, he tries to do “something nice” for you.  Something to show you that he appreciates that you don’t make him feel worse about himself.  Something like watching over your home, so that no one would break in or damage any property of yours.  Something, anything to make him feel a sense of accomplishment and to make you feel a sense of his appreciation of sorts.

Yes, his is the voice that you hear when you go out to quiet down your dog.  You hear him saying ” shhhhhhhh, it is okay , don’t wake everyone up”.   He tries, but the dog is so excited she keeps barking, she loves people and she loves him too.

You say, “Is that you Steve? What are ya doing?”  To which he replies, “Oh the dog is barking like a Banshee at someone leaving the bar and I was just trying to quiet her down”.

I say, “Oh thanks, but she won’t be quiet until you leave”.

“Oh, okay I’ll walk  away then, though I can barely walk, my knee cap is blown out”.

I then asked him what happened to his knee?

“Oh you know,  sometimes you gotta teach those 22 year olds a lesson or two”.

I can barely see his outline in the street light as he walks away from my house, his rich laugh trailing behind him.

I smile and shake my head watching him and say to myself,   “Angel Man in the Night” and wander off to my warm bed. night


January 19, 2009

They Are Two………….

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My surprise, there are two of them.  They are two.  Two peas in a pod, so to speak.  One of them put it this way, “we are sister book-ends”.   Yes, they are. 

The “Pea Pods”  even resemble each other.  They look  as if they could be sisters.  That’s it, “Sister Pea Pods”.   Sounds almost like, “fairy folk” or something, huh?  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  Not that they don’t have the sweet natures of fairies.  God knows they both would look especially cute with wings, and could probably pull them off, but there is just something, ….. well different. 

The green and blue-green eyes, the high cheekbones, the blond hair, are strikingly similar.  That was what I noticed first.  My first thought and the first thing out of my mouth was, “Oh my God, there are two of you!”  Two Princess-Witch Women, were another of my thoughts. 

Never have I expected there to be another one, another one so similar as my “heart sister”, the one who can move me to tears without trying.  My “lifetime friend”.   The one who understands me so completely, so non-judgmentally, so unconditionally.   The sisterlike love I feel from her and for her are what moves me to tears.    She is the one who “when the dust settles”,  will  still be there. 

I can count on less than one hand the “sisters who will be there” through thick and thin and I for them.  To know that my “heart sister” also has that, not only with me, but to the degree that I felt when visiting them, makes me happy that, that security is there for her also. 

It also makes me happy in meeting the other “Pea Pod Princess Witch” who welcomed me into her life and world so readily, so easily, so trustingly. 

I know this is because of my other “Sister Witch”.  We have gotten to know each other by proxy through our mutual friend.   There is an understanding because of that.   One that does not really need to be put into words, but I will anyway. 

There is also the possibility of there being “another one” , whom when the “Dust Settles”  is also there for me and that is priceless.



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