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November 24, 2008

Once Upon A Thanksgiving Morn…………

cookingturkeyOnce upon a Thanksgiving Morning, I went last minute shopping. We had a payday the day before, and due to other circumstances, I could not get to the store until thanksgiving morn. Yes, I thought the same thing, I must be crazy to do this this morning. Actually had thought of canceling the dinner and all due to ungrateful wretches that I live with! dry.gif

Come on I know there are other women out there, who instead of looking like June Cleaver with her pretty starched white apron and beautiful table, smiling clean faced children and doting husband, who actually resent having to do all the work. I mean it is over so quickly after all the preparation and hubbub.

I am sure there are others who like myself feel ashamed, oh the shame of it all, at resenting their families for not helping more. I try, really I try to get more help, but years of doing the same thing, you know it is the way it is. sad.gif

So after spending the day before cleaning the heck out of the house, making sure I have a decent tablecloth and dishes etc., going through numerous emotions, i.e. ” I should cancel the damned thing, no one appreciates me, etc…”, or “I should be loving this, my mother in law did, “. or ” I want it to be perfect etc. “, all the ridiculous things that go through our brains and on and on , and clean and clean, and haul out garbage, wash more dishes and plan the menu, blah blah blah……….

I finally make it to Food 4 Less at 7 am – ish thinking ” I can do this”,, ” I wonder how others manage to work full time and do all they do”, oh well I can do it, no problem. I fill my shopping cart with all the picked over necessary items for a wonderful feast. There were only turkey breasts left, oops, that will have to do, that is what I get for waiting so long. There is still a small crowd of people there shopping at the last minute, losers like me, oh the shame of it all! blink.gif

The next stop is the check stand where I wait in line, you know how it is, load all the food up on the belt, knowing my ungrateful family is home sleeping peacefully dreaming about turkey and pumpkin pie, yum.
The food rings up around $80.00 oh well could have been worse there. I load it in the trunk, drive home feeling stressed over my last minute mess. I make it home safely and haul the food and turkey to the kitchen, put it away, begin cooking all, turkey, potatoes, stuffing the works. My feet hurt so bad I cannot stand it. What a wimp I have become. Still much more to do to get this wonderful feast ready.

About 3:00 p.m., all is ready, the house smells like turkey and bread, mmmmmm, the table is set with fresh flowers that I always buy for the cook, (geez should have bought wine too huh? Maybe would not be such a B…tch), looks very pretty. Cream cheese and deviled eggs abound, am so hungry!

We all come to the table and stand around it and hold hands for a minute, and I pause and reflect and Thank God for my family and that they are here together and all of his blessings! biggrin.gif Whewwww…..

Everyone have a super day, gotta go do it all over again right now! ohmy.gif



  1. I loved this little glimpse into the preparation of Thanksgiving feasts. I know exactly the kind of thoughts you were having all along there, so understandable! I’m glad it seemed to be worth all the work in the end – at least you get to eat the food you prepare as well!

    Comment by slightlyignorant — November 24, 2008 @ 7:24 am

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

    Comment by donstuff — November 27, 2008 @ 3:05 am

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