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November 19, 2008

Bye-Bye Coco

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Bye-Bye Sweet Coco, for now. Coco loaded up her truck today. She loaded up most of her belongings. Clothing, books, personal items, and more books. The most important things were taken with her, including her assortment of boots, (extremely important!), and her pets, a dog and cat and 2 birds.

Leaving the home that she had built was a gut wrenching task for Coco, as she had cared so much for it, but necessary in order to move on, which is what she was doing. Moving on to a new home, a new location, a new life. She was moving towards her love, the one that made the music beat inside of her head and her heart. The one that had picked her up when she fell and declared “You’re Safe!” and kissed her passionately. The one who smelled of the earth and outdoors.

It was a decade later, and Coco and the woodsy guy had grown somewhat older, somewhat wiser, somewhat softer and refined. The thing that had not changed in Coco was the music inside that she longed for, that she had come close to, but not quite. Time had given her a comfort about herself and who she is. She knew that she was “enough”, maybe too much for some.

As she drove down the road towards her life she looked in her rear view mirror. She could see her huge dog’s ears flapping in the wind, with a doggy’s smile upon her face enjoying the freedom of the road, enjoying that she too was going. Coco could hear the cat in his crate, meowing and moaning disgustedly at his plight. A couple of birds in cages accompanied the cat in the rumble seat of her truck. Coco started singing, “Would you like to swing on a star?………. or would you rather be a fish?” The birds started chirping and singing along with her.

A sigh of relief hit Coco. She would be there in a few hours. She would be greeted by the woodsy guy, the one who had told her she was safe, the one who had made her question herself at one time all of those years ago. The man who had grown a little older, a little softer. The man that she was now “enough” for, and not “too much”. The man who had written her love poems on his keyboard, tapping it out with one finger. Her Love who had asked her to say “Yes” and now they would say, “I Do”.

Bye-Bye Sweet Coco for now, “Go Home”. Go Home and my love and prayers go with you girl!


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  1. Oh! Oh! I’m almost crying, that was so sweet. Coco and the woodsy guy – I think I’ve never heard of something so romantic. Your descriptions of these things are incredible, you just put the reader right into the situation, without even being ready for it. I feel, after every post I read of yours, like I’m coming back from a little journey outside myself.

    Comment by slightlyignorant — November 19, 2008 @ 7:16 pm

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