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November 9, 2008

Just Say “Yes”

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She was nervously waiting for her plane to land. She checked her hair and lipstick. She had to look perfect for him when she got off of the plane. After all, she had not seen him in 10 years. Way too long. She never dreamed that she would even be seeing him again, at least not on purpose. Who would have thought this would happen and in this way? It was just so surreal in some ways. She had to pinch herself every once in a while.

They had started talking again by phone last month. What they thought was going to be just a single conversation between them, became 1 more and then more, until they could not stop talking through the night. That was a first, as he was not a talker, at least he did not used to be. She had always been the talker and very good at it she was. It was a need that she had, to be able to express so many things with words, so many pent up feelings she had. Communication was extremely important to her in both ways. Not just to be listened to, but to really be heard.

This was new between them. This had not been there before. Much had changed over the years, significantly so with him. They were older and yes even wiser. It does happen you know? Even to those of us who swore off age. Ahhh…., aging a little is not necessarily the bummer that we all thought it would be. Yes, it would be nice if our skin, hair and health stayed the same or at least pretty good. It would be nice if we stayed as “purty”, but that aspect does change some. It is not so bad as you think once you adjust. That is what happens, you adjust a little here and a little there. Then just when you get used to this new stage in life, more changes happen, and you adjust some more. You deal. You are aware of a “purtiness” inside also, that was not there before. That isn’t just pretty, that is beautiful!

In one of their late night talks by telephone they decided to meet in person. Just to look each other in the eye and talk. Face to face. He asked her to come to where he was living for a visit. She said, “Hmmnn, I would love to but, I am not sure if I can.” He said, “Just say that you will come, just say yes.” She hung up the telephone and thought and planned and called him back. “I will be there”, she said breathlessly.

The next day, she was packed and on the plane traveling miles through the air to see what she would see. Her hopes were high, but her feelings were careful. There was something different in his voice, in his words. There was something that was not there before. Maybe it was humbleness. She was not exactly sure as he was never a humble sort of guy. Whatever it was, was definitely not a bad thing, but something very very good. Everything in her being told her this was true. She had learned to trust those instincts long ago.

As the plane got ready to land, she felt a butterfly or two in her stomach. Then they were on the ground and she was walking down the stairs into the airport terminal. She spotted him very quickly. He was leaning against a post. She spotted the silvery hair underneath his cowboy hat. He did look somewhat older, a little softer, but there was still that strength there, and those blue eyes.

They spent a few days together. It was the most amazing time. They talked until the sun came up. They could not get tired of saying the words to each other. So much time to make up for. They realized they had never stopped loving each other.

It was time for her plane to leave. Time for her to return to her home. Time to deal with the other heartbreak in her life that was necessary for her to move on. It was time to put that other love, that other heartbreak in it’s proper place. It was time to let go and no it would not be easy, but it was necessary. That was the extremely sad part. It grieved her to tears. But yes, it was indeed necessary.

Her plane took off with her nose pressed to the window until he was out of sight. She had never dreamed that this would be happening. Who would ever have thought this would happen and in this way? She still had to pinch herself every one in a while. He had asked her on bended knee to marry him. He had asked tears in those blue eyes of his. He had asked her to “Just say yes.”

And she did……………………..



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  1. Beautiful….. Im glad she said yes…

    Comment by Amber — November 9, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

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