Girls Without Shoes

September 4, 2008

A Most Important Job

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I received a 4:00 a.m. phone call on Saturday from my son saying he needed to take his wife to the hospital as she was having some sort of low blood sugar seizure. Scared the crap out of them both. They needed me to come stay with my grand baby while they went.

I grabbed my “Grandma Cape”, and headed out, driving a little too fast of course. very worried for Daughter In – Law and Son and Baby, but glad to babysit, as have not had opportunity to yet, though a little nervous as my grand baby has never woke up without his parents there, and does not know me as well as I would like.

I got there in record time I think. The paramedics had come and gone and had encouraged them to go to hospital. The worried couple gave me instructions for the baby and after hugs and reassurances left.

I sat there for a while, very sleepy not sure what to do with myself as baby was still sleeping. After about 15 minutes, went to the bathroom and when opening the door on my way back out into the hallway, found that I couldn’t open the door! I wiggled the door knob, then remembering it sticking a little another time. “Oh shat”, I cried.

Of course I said, “oh no this cannot be”, “Oh God help me to get out of here”, fighting down panic big time.

No way is this happening to me, my first shot at helping out with baby and here I was locked in the damned bathroom. For crying out loud, literally.

I began wiggling the door knob every which way, trying to remain calm. Up and down, sideways, turning the knob, in every position it could go as it became loose. Finally I realized it was not going to budge, so tried taking screws out of the inside of the lock, but they would not come out all the way.

I thought wish I had a credit card, isn’t that what burglars use? Tools, I needed tools, so shame of shames, I searched my Daughter In-Law’s drawers and cupboards and found nothing. Aha, I spied her make up kit on the counter, every woman will have some sort of implements in there! Yes, there were manicure scissors, tweezers and big hair clip that I might be able to use.

I went to work, first trying inserting all of these at different angles inside of the door knob hoping to open it that way.

I tried everything, nothing worked, I started to panic for a minute and got a hold of myself. Oh yes, the hinges, I used the tweezers to pry out the pins on the door. Got both of them out, but could not get the door to open still.

Then I used the pins out of the door to carve away at the door area between the knob and the plate thinking if I could make a little room, then I could get the tweezers or something in between and open it. I carved and carved away until my hands were sore and covered with rust from the pins. My legs were very tired from squatting down, and then I was on my knees, which were extremely sore later. Hey I have a few years on most of you guys.

I went back and forth from the door knob, to the pins thinking I could open the door that way, No there was not a window inside the bathroom or I would have crawled out and called my son to let me in the house. I just kept praying, ” please God don’t let the baby wake up so he won’t think he is all alone” over and over and praying for a way to get out.

After close to 2 hours of this frantic activity, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted, that I finally gave up realizing I had done what I could to get out. The manicure scissors were broke, the beautiful hair clip was bent, so were the tweezers. Spoils of war I tell ‘ya.

I lay down on a towel with toilet paper rolls for a pillow and tried to relax and lightly doze, and prayed for son to return and baby not to wake up.

The phone rang and I heard my son’s voice. He called again, then nothing for about 45 minutes. Then the phone again 4 times, and it was him.

I knew he would realize something was up and come back then. The baby had just started to wake up, I could hear him making noises and getting pissed that no one was getting him. When he started to cry, I started to cry because I felt so bad for him, that I could not get to him.

During this time I had all kinds of crazy thoughts, like at least I won’t be here all weekend, or what if the house caught fire, later switching to imagining how it must have been for prisoners to tunnel out of jail. (Drama Queen again). I also thought what a great story to tell baby when he grows up.

I was getting pretty cold, but hopeful as the baby really started howling, when I heard their truck pull up, thank God I was so relieved. They came in and I yelled I was trapped in bathroom. He said stand back and kicked the door in. I am sure he could have opened it easier, but his adrenaline was pretty high by then, worried about his wife, traumatized by the seizure, worried that his mom had a heart attack and his baby alone. Oh, my hero, thank God.

I told grand baby it wasn’t my fault as he looked at me with his big eyes full of tears, and we talked and played a little after that. My Son said” Geez mom your big debut babysitting”.

My friend told me I should take my cell phone everywhere I go. Guess I will from now on, oh and everyone keep a screwdriver or butter knife in one of your bathroom drawers just in case I visit you.

P.S. My legs felt like I had done 500 squats for a couple of days after, dang i gotta go back to the gym for some Grandma training.


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